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Digital Dive NPC
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This is a special announcement from the Tetha 5 News Network.

The shows "Bullmon Nye the Sciencemon" and "Mr. Wizardmon" will no longer be shown. Instead, we are replacing it with our newest Baby-level and Children targeted programming: Blarney the Lovable ExTyrannomon.


That is all. We look forward to your continued viewership.


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October 22nd. Creation Day. The day the digital world celebrates the day the world's rebirth from the ashes of old.

But here at the Death Arena, we know you can't have Creation without Destruction.


You don't want to miss the carnage, the flames, and of course, the DIVAS of Destruction!

See the culmination of Lilamon and LadyDevimon's feud for the soul of the lovely Angewomon in a Submission Match! These Divas can do anything, but the fight won't end until one of them submits to the other! I don't know about you, but that's a fight I want to see!

And that's not the only fight where the loser could lose it all! Ice Devimon and Thunderballmon have been at each other's throats for three years, since their humiliating loss to the tamers! Death Meramon has had enough, and now, these former friends are fighting for their careers! The winner takes over the coveted position of the Chairman's Bodyguard! The loser gets fired! They're not gonna pull any punches for this one!

If that's not enough for you, we've got some Tamer action for you! The Master of the Dead Zone, King Bowser Koopa, has challenged every hero in the Digital World to a race! At stake? The freedom of a sweet little girl! You won't wanna miss this one, folks! This race is no holds barred, and audience participation will be ENCOURAGED! Bring your rotten fruit! Bring your bricks! And bring your aim!

Finally, the event you all want to see, second to the Divas match I'm sure, Death Meramon himself! He's called out Albion's Champion, Magnamon, to show those stuffed shirts how REAL Digimon settle things! This will be a knock down, drag out STREET FIGHT to settle, once and for all, who is really the meanest, toughest mon in the world!

So join us tonight, at the Death Arena! Creation day is a month away... We're going to cause enough destruction to make it worth the wait!

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Attention, Digital World. I, Saber Leomon, have an announcement to make, on behalf of the Coalition forces!

I, Dukemon, Tyrant Kabuterimon, and the digimon of Sanctity - in addition to all of those under our command - hereby give our support to the Tamer and Digimon organization known as DATS. As they are without a benefactor, we, in recognition of their recent efforts, bestow upon them the same authority that they held when under the watchful eyes of TigerVespamon.

May they be free to act in our lands as representatives of peace and justice for our Tamer community. Though the task of rebuilding and marshaling their forces is theirs, know that DATS is free to act with our blessing.


That said, there are other matters to attend to. By no means was DATS the only group of heroes in this battle. Soldiers from across the digital world, and even in Tetha itself stood ready to defend their home. We will remain watchful and help to rebuild, while also making sure to avoid the corruption that befell your home. So be rest assured, people of Tetha... your lives will soon return to normalcy. Already, the shadow of Ravemon's treachery is beginning to fade...

But at the same time...

A new evil has made itself known to us. The creature known as "Ogudamon", that awakened and murdered Ravemon... is unknown even to us Area Leaders. We have been unable to realize the reason for why Lucemon saw fit to awaken him, but the truth is clear... he instigated everything in Tetha... manipulated Ravemon from the start to achieve this end.

This does not excuse Ravemon's crimes. But let us continue onwards, vigilant... and learn from the lessons of this tragedy.

Stay strong, digital world. For now, Chief Owlmon will be serving as acting area leader of Tetha, and be our direct liason. Approach him for any matters of consequence that need be addressed.


On one final note, to those who participated in the Battle of Tetha, I would like to personally reward you. Attached to his announcement is a permanent scan copy of my fangs, which can be used to aid you in further challenges.

[Attached: Saber Leomon's Fangs - two powerful fangs belonging to SaberLeomon]

((as with previous "battle rewards", this is only available to characters who participated in the large Tetha log.))
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You. All of your.

How much longer can we tolerate this outrage?!

He's built forts on our lands. Stolen Vikemon's ships. But in the end, we've sat by and done nothing as he prepares to invade us all! The line of trust provided by those of us who were chosen by the Holy Beasts has long been crossed!

And now, he has supposedly slain one of our own! TigerVespamon could be dead for all we know!

I can no longer tolerate this! The Royal Base was my neighbor! I will not listen to claims of "solidifying security abroad!" Which of us will be next, my brothers? How much longer before he attacks us as well?!
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Two days, we began the end of an era.

My forces have seen the Royal Base reduced to rubble. The tamers known as DATS are no more, save for the shadow that still exists in Neon City. We have shown that the mighty of supposed digimon "tamers" cannot stand against the power and ingenuity of a native born son of the digital world. They have been given forced dominion over us, by whom?

A flawed god that, in ancient times, allowed our world to perish. We only survive now because some of us took charge of our OWN destinies.

TigerVespamon... was lost in the explosion of the base. It is regrettable. Regrettable that he threw his lot in with those humans, the very race that killed my beloved mentor Hououmon. This is the fate of all who side with them. All who believe that humans are our destinies. All who allow them to use us as tools to fix our mistakes.

And we have been making far too much of them. For years, war and apathy have led us on a course to damnation. I am your savior. I WILL BRING VENGEANCE ON THIS UNCLEAN WORLD FROM ABOVE!


Those of you who refuse to accept that... human or digimon alike... you will carved out like the festering woulds you are...

[transmission ends]

((DATS agents, please consider Suguru's recommendations about keeping under the radar regarding responses to this. That is all.))
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Commanders of DATS.

My name is Matadormon.

Perhaps you have heard of me.

Perhaps not.


I am leader of those who have risen in opposition to Mephismon's command in the Dark Area.

All things told, however, Ravemon is making himself an enemy of EVERYONE.

Now that we're all standing on the same foot...

I think we should talk.
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Commandra... HOUR! ... It's missing something without yellow...

It's the Comm Comm Hour! The go to news source for the Dark Area army! Well, unless you're one of Matadormon's filthy traitors...!

Hosted by US! The remaining loyal soldiers of the Dark Area! HEAR THAT YELLOW?! WE'RE STILL DOING THIS!


We haven't used it in a while, Commandra! But all that's changing now, thanks to the lady in black and green! We've got money! A set! And news for every glorious member of the Dark Area to hear!

Yes, Commandra! And we have a very important, harrowing announcement for everyone!

Say it with me, Commandra! TETHA'S PREPARING FOR WAR!


That's right! After everything they accused us of, high and mighty Tetha is getting ready to invade everywhere!

Mmmhm, Commandra. It looks like old Ravemon, better known down here as the former menace Yatagaramon who was supposedly an "expert" on us, has decided he wants to try running the show!

That's right, Commandra! And we'd like to see him try!

Let's take it to the big map, Commandra! We've received information that every area is experiencing troop movements, save for Axoryi, in addition to the construction of bases! And what's more, Tetha troops slip through posing as parts of natural migrations! And since bird digimon can be practically everywhere, Commandra...

That means Tetha troops are everywhere! And unlike when everyone accused the great Dark Area of being warmongers, we've got proof!

Indeed! So, remember, Commandra! Watch the skies, because soon, more than white digi-sludge will be falling! Eh... what's that?! THE SUPREME LEADER WANTS TO SAY A WORD?!

S-s-supreme leader Diablomon...! The floor's all yours, Commandra!



This is Diablomon, area leader of the Dark Area. These acts of Tetha are foolish and unwarranted... and not to mention, in greater scale than the assault we waged on the continent of Urd some time ago. But there is another key difference.

We fight for our people. To mount an offense against those that would see us exterminated. Ravemon... is not like that. He sees corruption in all but himself. Some might ask, "are you any better", Diablomon? And I say yes... for a war of survival is different from a war triggered by someone who sees himself as morally superior and wiser than others...

Now tell me, digital world, what is more important to you? Your simple lives, that many of you have lived without purpose, or your ability to be free and make your own choices?

I will not solve this problem. The Virus Busters will likely just see this as a reason to hate someone else. I have the ability to defend my people, even in this misguided civil war. But what about you, hm?

Maybe it's time you reconsidered just who to throw your lot in with. That is all... rest well while you can.



Um... that was inspiring...? Commandra...

Of course it was inspiring! Commandra! Great Diablomon inspires us all! In fact, we shouldn't even say anything more to detract from his words! So, until next time...



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[distorted audio]

I am certain you all have noticed your numbers have been... stricken by seemingly random acts of violence. I assure you that they are anything but random, however... and more a calculated, profound message.

As this message comes to you on every D-Comm, d-reader, television, radio, and a multitude of other devices, I hope it serves as a reminder to you of just how powerless you truly are. Because this has all been nothing more than a reminder, a reminder of just how powerless you all are to face what is coming.

But of course, I mean not to trivialize the importance of this message. It has shown you that your so called protectors are nowhere near having what is needed to protect you. It has shown you how weak you Tamers truly are. It has shown you that there is someone more intelligent, someone who is ready to manipulate those of this world into creating the future we all need.

The corrupt will be exposed for what they are. The weak will be weeded out and put out of their misery. The darkness and so called light that has treated this world of outs like its own eprsonal warring ground will be defeated, and we will escape from the shadow that has loomed over our world for centuries.

Save your taunts. Save your boasts of how you will be victorious even in the face of adversity. Save your jibes of how cowardly I am. Because I have destabilized your security without firing a single shot.

Those of you who wish to join me... those of you who wish to survive the coming storm... proclaim your loyalty now. And before it is over... not even the Demon Kings and Holy Beasts will be able to stop me...
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Hello, there everyone! This is DaiPenmon, the Area Leader of Meria! I'm sure some of you have already found out by now, but we're going to be changing our celebration in Meria over the season. Attached is details, but rest assured, the goal here is to make up for the void left by Hououmon's passing, and to remember him by going towards the future... while simultaneously paying homage to the digital world's own holiday celebrations, and the celebrations of all our offworlders!

We hope to see you all there, and hope that you have a marvelous time! The festival will be held from today through the first day of New Year's!

[attached: Details on the festival events]
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